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This is historical material “frozen in time”. The website is no longer updated and links to external websites may not work.

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A website of Sergio Zygmunt

Sergio Zygmunt Legit

You can verify I control this domain.
This domain is listed in my candidate filing. You can also verify my control of this domain through Keybase.


The site is secure.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about my campaign. If you have any questions, contact me

How does Sergio feel about … ?

My policies are posted here, but if there’s any issue you do not see any information about, please contact me. I am excited to speak with voters over the phone, on Twitter, or over email.

I will update my websites with new policy positions as they become available.

What political party is this campaign?

The office of City Council Member is non-partisan, so this campaign is non-partisan. We believe that running on a non-partisan platform bring together all voters to accomplish great things for our District.

How can I see campaign finance data?

All documents relating to campaign finance are online at the transparency page. Most documents remain completely un-redacted. Some documents are partially redacted to protect social security numbers, bank account numbers, home addresses of campaign staff (but not the candidate,) and signatures to prevent fraud.

A document may have an “Official” link which is a link to the city/government website with the filing. All documents have “Archive” links which are copies of the document stored in the Internet Archive’s. This is to ensure that a true copy is always available, even if it were to be changed on this site or if this site were to go offline (for example, at the end of the campaign). The Internet Archive is a well-trusted source for historical copies of information, including full-text archival copies of webpages. Finally, some documents may have a generic link to a location on this site.