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Sergio Zygmunt Legit

You can verify I control this domain.
This domain is listed in my candidate filing. You can also verify my control of this domain through Keybase.


The site is secure.
A lock (🔒) or https:// means you’ve securely connected to the website. Share sensitive information only on secure websites.


Corruption thrives on secrecy - Transparency is a major campaign point for me which is why I post all materials to my campaign online for public review.

Campaign Finance

CA FPPC Form 700 - Statements of Economic Interests Filed August 4, 2022 - Available here (Archive)

CA FPPC Form 410 - Statement of Organization Recipient Committee Filed August 4, 2022 - Available here (Archive)

CA FPPC Form 501 - Candidate Intention Statement Filed August 3, 2022 - Available here (Archive)

FPPC 1451353

Personal Finance

My 2021 income tax return (Form 1040 and others) is available here (Archive)

Voter Data

We publish the names of the vendors and locations where we store voter data here.


The public should have the right to see all historical edits to this website and all pages within it. I maintain a public repository of the source code to this website and all changes made to it. The public can review any and all changes made to this website at their convenience.

Links that are labelled “Archive” are stored in the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. This is to ensure that a true copy is always available, even if it were to be changed on this site or if this site were to go offline (for example, at the end of the campaign.) The Internet Archive is a well-trusted source for historical copies of information, including full-text archival copies of webpages.