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On the issues


I believe the only way for San Mateo to prosper is to have affordable, accessible public transit for all residents.

Accessible public transit includes the walk to the train or the bus stop - I will work with city stakeholders to improve the “last mile” infrastructure - that is the city’s sidewalks and roadways.

As City Council Member I will advocate for increasing service along our city’s arterial corridors - El Camino Real (ECR)


Children should be empowered to learn beyond the classroom. I will support funding for after school robotics and science programs for all kids, not just those in our city’s wealthiest zip codes.


Citizens should feel comfortable at home and have the right to live free of pollution. I’ll step up enforcement of existing city code to put an end to abuse of our environment by greedy businesses.


The future generation is dependent on safe, affordable housing. I will advocate for more mixed-use developments that encourage the use of the Peninsula’s great public transit.

Public Safety

San Mateo is already a very safe city - my campaign focuses on improving the police and community relationship. I will expand existing programs such as the Police Activity League (PAL) and will promote programs to improve the public’s relationship to its police department.